The Jannsen saw his morning altered by a weapon that would be a toy

Monday, September 19, 2022 | 1:50 p.m.

Monday morning was turned upside down at the Instituto Jannsen de Posadas, when it was discovered that a third-year student had entered the establishment with a weapon in his backpack. According to police sources, it would be a toy weapon, but the action was enough to alter the day of the polytechnic college of the provincial capital, since a police commission had to enter the Institute to proceed.

Police sources indicated that at mid-morning they received a phone call at the police station indicating that there would be a minor at the Jannsen Institute carrying a firearm, possibly inside his backpack. Given this complaint, a police commission went to the place. Upon arrival, according to the same sources, they met with a member of the institution’s preceptor team, who stated that a third-year teacher had told him that a student would have a “presumably firearm” in his backpack.

Given this, the police took action and first summoned the General Directorate of the Scientific Police, who were present at the scene taking planimetry and photographs and proceeding to seize the weapon in order to determine if it is suitable for shooting or not and if it is of a prop gun. According to police sources “observing with the naked eye that it would be a toy weapon.”

The Police, likewise, gave intervention to the secretary of the Correctional Court on duty, from where it was arranged that the young man be notified of the investigation of a case without framing for the moment in any criminal classification, and that after this he be handed over to safekeeping. parental.

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