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Queen Elizabeth owned hundreds of luxurious pieces of jewelry!

The British have been queuing for hours: “She meant extremely much to the country”

After the commercial: The British have been queuing for hours: “She meant extremely much to the country”


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Queen Elizabeth had many beautiful, luxurious and expensive pieces of jewelry in her possession. Perhaps it was mainly the tiaras, which she wore so elegantly, that were her personal favourites.

She could pick and choose between diamond-encrusted trinkets. According to Metro magazine, her private jewelry collection consisted of 98 brooches, 46 necklaces, 34 pairs of earrings, 15 rings, 14 watches and five pendants.

Even the coffin in which she lies is decorated with royal items said to be worth several million pounds.

Queen Elizabeth's coffin

The coffin is decorated with items said to be worth several million pounds.

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The Jewelry Expert: Elizabeth is buried in it

Elizabeth probably did not have an easy time deciding what jewelry to wear for all the special occasions and festivities.

According to jewelry expert Lisa Levinson, Director of Communications at the Natural Diamond Council, however, the queen will not be buried wearing so much jewelry.

– Her Majesty is an incredibly humble woman who will in all likelihood be wearing nothing but his simple Welsh gold wedding band and a pair of pearl earrings, she has told Metro.

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“Seems appropriate”

The Queen’s luxurious and beautiful engagement ring, which belonged to Prince Philip’s mother Princess Alice of Battenberg, will probably be given to Princess Anne.

Mok O’Keeffe, of the LGBTQ+ royalist group GayAristo, agrees with Lisa Levinson, saying Elizabeth was a “modest person” who appears to eschew extravagance.

– The choice of a single love jewel seems appropriate for a woman who enjoyed the simple things in life, and because she was so religious, she is convinced that she will enjoy the riches of paradise instead.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth only wears a pair of pearl earrings and her wedding bracelet, according to expert Lisa Levinson.


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