The justification of the accused of killing tiktoker Anthony Barajas in the US: “Voices in my head”

Joseph Jiménez, 20, detailed the reasons for the violent shooting on July 26 that claimed the lives of renowned TikTok influencer, Anthony Barajas, 19, and his friend Rylee Goodrich in California (United States).

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As reported by the chain , the “voices“In his head they told him to murder two strangers in a movie theater at The Crossings shopping center in Corona, southeast of Los Angeles (California).

Jimenez is being held on murder charges at the Riverside County Jail in Banning. “The voices told me that they were going to kill my friends and my relatives”said the attacker from prison. However, he did not explain the reasons for how murdering others would be the solution to save his closest environment.

The man also sent his condolences to the families of the victims and stated the following: “I wish I hadn’t”.

Jimenez He also confessed that the voices in his head had been tormenting him for about eight months and that he was sometimes threatened with stealing his car and television. In addition, the attacker said that he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia almost twelve months ago and had only recently stopped taking medications prescribed by his doctor. “I ran out and I did not fill it up again”, He deepened.

Finally, the attacker said that the voices in his head were so loud the night that he killed the two people that he could not fully concentrate on the film.

What happened?

Anthony Barajas with her friend Rylee Goodrich They were attacked by Jiménez while they were watching a horror movie around 10pm at a movie theater in Corona. The attacker, who was alone, drew his weapon and fired first at the woman, who died in the area.

Barajas He was immediately taken to a hospital with gunshot wounds to his head and connected to a “vital support”. The influencer died five days after being in a critical situation.

According to the authorities, both were shot in the style of an execution. Barajas Y Goodrich They were found in a pool of blood by workers cleaning the room after the last performance. Jiménez was arrested the next day.

Barajas he was known as itsanthonymichael, he had a million followers on TikTok and other platforms.

Corona Police in California indicated that Jimenez I am acting alone and there is no indication that I knew the two fatalities. Jiménez must remain on bail of US $ 2 million.


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