The “kiss of death” from Osvaldo Ríos to Salvador Zerboni in “The House of the Famous” 2

the house of the famous”, second season, continues to bring controversy. Week 7 ended and with it the participation of Niurka Marcos, one of the favorites, at the beginning of the competition, to win the title. However, the departure of the Cuban artist -between tears- was not the only great scene of the day, since the also nominated Osvaldo Rios and Salvador Zerboni staged an exchange of speeches.

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The nominees to be eliminated in the house of the stars in the seventh week were Ivonne Montero, Osvaldo Ríos, Rafael Nieves, Salvador Zerboni and Niurka Marcos. Unfortunately for the exvedette, her name was the most voted by the public, so she had to leave the competition. However, before and after the outcome, a couple of events occurred that did not go unnoticed.

Both situations had Ríos and Zerboni as stars, two actors who have explicitly shown that they are not friends and are far from even getting along. Curiously, the two were at serious risk of being expelled from the house.

It is the second time that he has been nominated to be eliminated from the house (Photo: Osvaldo Ríos / Instagram)


The Puerto Rican actor said goodbye to all his companions, as is the tradition, that every nominee does so before the production indicates who is the participant who will leave “The House of Celebrities”, when it was his turn to say goodbye to the actor. Mexican.

It was at that moment that Osvaldo Ríos confronted him and gave Salvador Zerboni a kiss on the mouth and then said the following: “I just want you to know that at all times I knew that you were the one who organized my nomination and how I would have liked it to be you who stood at that door to give me the three points and not influence Laura to give them to me.”, the 61-year-old artist told him.

And I add: “If you come back, if you come back, play straight and don’t play strategies with me, because I know how to play strategies, I wish you the best of luck”.

After a while, Ríos himself approached Laura Bozzo and told her the following: “Don’t worry, I know how it was. You are a lady and you endured there one, almost two hours, for what you believed and I value that. He did not have the eggs … to stand there for three hours and what he did was influence you, for you to stand there, he had to have done it, not you ”.


Once Niurka’s departure was made official, the actor from Televisa soap operas such as “Abyss of Passion”, “La Reina del Sur” and “A que no me dejas” returned home with a furious attitude, as he made a harsh affirmation.

“I’m here for you to kiss me again, son of a bitch… mother”Zerboni blurted out as he looked from afar at the Caribbean, an actor in soap operas such as “La viuda de blanco”, “Triunfo del amor” and “El juramento”. Will there be another row in this week 8? We will have to wait.

It's been three consecutive weeks that he is nominated to be eliminated (Photo: Salvador Zerboni / Instagram)
It’s been three consecutive weeks that he is nominated to be eliminated (Photo: Salvador Zerboni / Instagram)

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