the last straw

The unheard of became everyday. Of the limits that they themselves established to mark the border with the demonized previous governments, none remain and, by crossing them, they have reached unsuspected degrees. It is as if the old PRI of the last century had returned to govern, but without inhibitions. They believe that by decreeing their moral superiority and resorting to conspiracy theories, they have an alibi to do whatever they want, even hiding the third report of the independent investigation into the tragedy on Line 12 of the Metro with absurd pretexts.

It’s not just anything that happened. The most widely used public transportation system in the country collapsed, causing the death of 26 people, injuring more than 100 and leaving millions without that means of transportation, increasing risks, expenses and time taken to reach their destination. A year away there is not a single detainee and the ruling that would serve to find out what happened and determine responsibilities was discarded without making it known because the head of government did not like the result.

Not to be believed. The least of it is that the Norwegian company DNV has been discretionally appointed by Claudia Sheinbaum herself, who was full of praise for it the day she announced her hiring; what is truly serious is that the authority rejects it with no more argument than an imaginary plot, obstructing the action of justice and denying the citizen’s right to know the opinion paid for with public resources.

In order not to reveal the report, Sheinbaum announces a civil lawsuit against the company and threatens to take it to court if it spreads it. He is going to argue that the matter is in litigation and that its publicity would affect the proceedings, but the Constitution establishes that in relevant cases, where human rights are compromised, transparency must prevail in the public interest.

However, they will deny the document to individuals who request it and the institutions in charge of protecting the right to information will be put to the test under pressure from political power, but the case is going to be so emblematic that they would kill themselves as an authority on the matter. if they guarantee opacity. And perhaps it will reach jurisdictional instances if, in the field of the unusual that we are experiencing, the capital government refuses to comply with the resolutions of the InfoDF or the Inai.

Regardless of how it is resolved, the concealment itself is a confession of guilt, especially when leaked versions are already circulating in the midst of the internal struggle for the succession. The problems and deficiencies in the construction, documented since the suspension of the service in 2014, cannot be denied, but the governor of the capital is not willing to accept any responsibility for the lack of maintenance, although the reductions in the budget and the constant degradation of the service they confirm it. If the structural failures could be detected and addressed, the administrations are jointly responsible.

The tragic collapse can decide the uncovering of the official candidate, but now it not only affects one of the capped / bottle caps, but the two stars. Marcelo Ebrard’s haste to finish it before the end of his period marked the uneven course of Line 12 and the negligence of the current government is confirmed at each station.

But it should not be ruled out that President L√≥pez Obrador will opt for one of them, despite his vulnerability. If we have seen anything, it is the President’s contempt for accountability and the judgment of public opinion, as if he wanted to make it clear that his will is not allowed to be conditioned by reality.

It was arrogance that defined his defeat in 2006. He would not be the first to stumble twice over the same stone, moreover, it is impossible not to see it in his overall decisions.

That explains the self-confidence with which he goes over the division of powers, as well as the lack of neatness and even the cynicism with which he ignores the most elementary forms, violates laws and manipulates institutions. He and his party act as if they will never lose power. But there the citizens will have the last word, at least in 2024.

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