The latest version of WhatsApp offers a custom “sticker” maker

The application mail WhatsApp It continues to reinvent itself over time and now offers all its users have the last version a new function. This is a custom sticker maker, element that has gradually gained force in the to chatter from application.

Screenshot of default WhatsApp stickers.

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This creator of ‘stickers’ is already here installed to WhatsApp Web and it will be able to be used on the desktop from next week, as WhatsApp reported to Europa Press. A requirement that if we have to take into account is that the creator will work only if we have installed the latest version of whatsapp.

The different functions offered by the sticker maker

The company explained in a note d’information which encourages all the users of the application to use them, since these personalized elements will allow you to “do the more lively and fun conversations”.

All users who use WhatsApp Web can easily access the new sticker maker from the chat of their choice. They just have to click on ” annex“, Later in” sticker“And hang the photo you want to personalize as you wish.

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The creator of the ‘stickers’ will also allow us to make other functions, just as does contour Where accompaniement their Photographies. In addition, there will also be the possibility of add emojis Where words to make them totally unique and even more fun.

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