“The law is the same for everyone, except when not”

As a result of the manner in which the criminal – protected witness – Emilio Lozoya exhibits himself, in full freedom, public opinion has perceived that nothing has advanced in terms of impunity in the government of the 4T. (It was learned that his defense attorney excused him on the grounds that although he went to a restaurant, he only asked for bread and water for dinner).

Since July last year, when he arrived in Mexico extradited from Spain, the former director of Pemex who was linked to proceedings on charges of bribery, criminal association and money laundering, has not seen a jail or in a photograph. As soon as he arrived, he was transferred, not to the North Prison as he was supposed to, but to a hospital because, according to what was said, he came with anemia – after eating in Spain, as you eat there, having anemia is like being married to the singer Rihanna and say that one suffers from sexual inhibition—; Another disease that the newcomer presented was Barret’s syndrome, which sounds very scientific, but is nothing more than gastric reflux, caused by the excessive intake of Jabugo ham, Mediterranean seafood, fabada and paella, all sprinkled with Chateau Petrus.

After being discharged from the hospital, where he appeared in court through video calls, Lozoya signed the processed book before the Unit for Monitoring and Supervision of Precautionary Measures and Conditional Suspension of the Process, by email due to the precautionary measures taken by the Covid-19 pandemic. As has been known, thus, in a non-face-to-face way, he has continued to sign every fifteen days.

Despite the fact that the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) recognized the risk that the accused could flee the country, it did not request to keep him in preventive detention – more than deserved -, only seized his passport and placed an electronic bracelet that did not give him prevents raising the arm to say health.

Meanwhile, only one of the politicians involved in the Lozoya case – there are 16 among them Enrique Peña Nieto, Felipe Calderón and Luis Videgaray – the former PAN deputy Jorge Luis Lavalle, is in prison. This shows – paraphrasing George Orwell – that we are all equal in court, but some are more equal than others. Or as the political analyst Alfonso Zárate recalled that a former prosecutor said: “The law is the same for everyone, except when not.”

President López Obrador, referring to Lozoya’s presence in the restaurant, said it was legal, but “immoral, reckless, outrageous, a provocation.” He recommended to the FGR, report the status of the case (which has the speed of a Comodore 64 will inform us any year of these). He reiterated his confidence in the prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero – he should suggest his retirement. “I hope that the time (life?) Reaches him and that all this is clarified and justice is done”

An observation, when something does not work, the president gives credit to the person in charge of doing this work, such as Gertz Manero, a skillful practice so that the one disqualified by society is the official and not the president.

A clarification, when I ask for the retirement of the Attorney General of the Republic I do not do so with the intention of dishonoring his longevity. What happens with Don Alejandro is that I consider that the position does not fit his age. The prosecution requires dynamism, speed, youth. I think that in old age you can be useful, as long as the work you do is consistent with the years you have. I am septuagenarian and here I continue to give it. I have nothing against old age – if I did I would be taking it.


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