The lawyer from Santa Fe Miguel Piedecasa swore yesterday his admission to the Council of the Magistracy

The President of the Supreme Court of Justice and of the Council of the Magistracy of the Nation, Horace Rosattiswore in the new 11 members of the body that proposes and sanctions judges, representing academics, lawyers, magistrates and the Executive Branch.

The swearing in, without an audience, was held in the Bermejo Room on the fourth floor of the Palacio de Tribunales with the presence, in addition to Rosatti, of the other three members of the high court: Carlos Rosenkrantz, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Ricardo Lorenzetti.

The Doctor Miguel Piedecasas, a lawyer from Santa Fe, was one of the new additions. “I am happy to have sworn yesterday and that the organ is put into operation. Society, the institutions, are waiting for us to get to workthat vacancies without suspected judges be filled”.

Regarding the decision of the Senate not to recognize the appointment of Senator Martín Doñate and yes that of Luis Juez, Piedecasas affirmed that “It is a problem of our society and of our political leadership and the Court is fulfilling its role of ultimate control order. It has already declared a resolution of the Senate presidency null and void, and now we see that the same procedure and designation is repeated. The Court must rule on the matter.”

The objective, according to the interviewee, appeal to the responsibility of politics, of the parties and the leadership. “We are at a critical moment in society, we need to trust the institutionsyou don’t have to manipulate them, that hurts”.

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