The Legislature of Buenos Aires approved the reform of the Teaching Statute

The Legislature of Buenos Aires approved the reform of the teaching statute after three hours of session. The ruling party had the automatic majority it has and with 32 affirmative votes it was enough to turn into law the project to modify the Teaching Statute announced at the inaugural session of the Legislature by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta. For its part, the opposition added 27 negative votes, between the Front of All and the Left.

The project proposes a shift in the teaching career: it prioritizes merit instead of seniority and training and not only seniority when it comes to competing for positions, a “horizontal” career over a “vertical” one that exists to date. The slogan was “earn more without leaving the classroom,” as presented by the Government.

Key points of the project

The project is based on four central axes: implement a new teaching career with specialized roles; articulate teacher training with salary incentives; enhance the role of the preceptor with tutorial responsibilities; and balance training with seniority in the teaching score for admission and promotion.

Within the specializations will be the positions of “specialist teacher” and “coordinating teacher of trajectories”. The first will be for the initial and primary level and will have the function of guiding and accompanying the students of the initial teacher training who carry out internships in the establishments. It will be up to them to register the internships and coordinate with the directors.

The second will be exclusive to the primary level and its function will be to develop, guide and promote institutional actions that allow strengthening teaching and improving learning. In addition, it will intervene in group dynamics and will collaborate with the management team in the coordination of work with teachers, it will also cooperate with the leadership team in programs that establish contact with the school in order to enrich the educational work of the community.

To access these new positions, teachers must specialize in a specific training path. Once you have competed and obtained the position, this specialization will be reflected in the salary increase corresponding to your new responsibility.

Likewise, those principals who complete their postgraduate studies in the areas of educational management will receive an increase of up to 20% of their salary for specialization and there will be salary incentives for those teachers who choose to carry out their activities in the most vulnerable schools.

For the secondary level, the position of Preceptor Tutor is created, who will have a task of monitoring school trajectories in the first two years. With this new position, in addition to the salary increase and specific training, a new professional development alternative is offered for preceptors, valuing and promoting their role in the school.

With the law already approved, the Executive will proceed to regulate it and from 2023 training will begin to be offered at the Teachers’ School, which will be mandatory to access the new positions. The courses would have an extension of one year, with which only in 2024 would they begin to perform functions within the classrooms.

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