The lethal stick that Rodrigo Lussich dedicated to Ángel de Brito

Between the program Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares, “Socios del Espectáculo” and “LAM”, with Ángel de Brito, things have not been as good as they should be, since De Brito’s arrival on América TV opened a war that apparently will never end.

It all started months ago, when Ángel de Brito left El Trece for not getting an economic agreement and finally landed on Luis Ventura’s channel. His replacement in the middle of the Solcito was covered by nothing more and nothing less than the drivers Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussichwith a proposal also for shows, but with dances and music.

Lussich took the opportunity to respond to De Brito, who has also thrown points at El Trece.

Apparently, Yanina Latorre’s colleague did not like this replacement at all and from his program “LAM” he has thrown some very obvious points at Rodrigo Lussich and Pallares. For example, a few days ago De Brito targeted El Trece for the criticism they made against Marcelo Tinelli’s program.

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