The life sentence of the femicide Farré was firm and he will only be able to request parole in 2050

Saturday, August 06, 2022 | 7:00 p.m.

A few days after the seven-year anniversary of the crime of Claudia Schaefer, the woman who had her throat slit and was stabbed to death 66 times in the dressing room of a house in the country Martindale de Pilar, the Buenos Aires Justice informed the femicide Fernando Farré that his life sentence was final and that only in 2050, after having spent 35 years in prison, will he be able to request parole, judicial sources reported.

The notification -published by Télam-, was sent by the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 2 of San Isidro to the director of Unit 41 of Campana, a prison where Farré is currently serving the maximum sentence.

There, the defendant was formally informed that his defense had not presented an extraordinary appeal or complaint before the Supreme Court of Buenos Aires, the last Cassation ruling that confirmed his conviction “acquired firmness on February 11, 2022.”

“Let the recursive process be considered completed and the conviction handed down in this process having become firm, carry out the computation of the sentence,” the judicial notice states.

As it is a sentence of “life imprisonment”, since Farré was convicted as the author of a “doubly aggravated homicide due to the bond and because it is a femicide”, no expiration date for the sentence is set, but yes, according to to what is established in article 13 of the Penal Code, the moment from which he can request parole, which is after spending 35 years in prison.

The notification details that Farré “has been continuously deprived of his liberty since August 21, 2015”, so he will be able to apply for parole “as of August 20, 2050”.

With these deadlines, the former CEO of cosmetics multinationals who committed the femicide when he was 52 years old and is now 59, will only be able to request the benefit of parole when he is 87.

The only recourse he will have to get out of prison before is that they grant him house arrest when he turns 70 on April 7, 2033 or for some health reason.

However, Farré himself and his new lawyer, Omar Saker, assured Télam that having made the ruling final in the province was a “strategy” to remove the case from the Buenos Aires justice system, where they consider that there were irregularities, and to request in the future a review before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

“The strategy is to reach the Supreme Court of the Nation through a review action that leads to the nullity of the trial,” said Farré in an exchange of messages via cell phone with Télam, from the Campana prison.

“There were annulments that were not attended to, contradictions of a police officer in the trial, false witnesses prepared by the prosecutors and errors in the instructions that the judge gave to the jury that sentenced me. In addition, my expert witness, the psychiatrist Enrique De Rosa , declared me incompetent in his report in dissidence,” added the condemned man.

“Attentive to the sum of irregularities in the development of this case, it no longer makes sense to continue insisting on this jurisdiction. We decided not to appeal further and appear before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation,” explained lawyer Saker.

Schaerer’s femicide

It was committed on August 21, 2015, when the woman went with her lawyer to the weekend house that the couple rented in the country Martindale de Pilar to remove their belongings.

The meeting took place within the framework of a contentious divorce that included a complaint by the victim in the Office of Domestic Violence of the Supreme Court of Justice and an exclusion from the home of the accused from the home they shared in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta.

When Schaefer went to the house’s walk-in closet to remove her clothes, Farré entered behind her, locked the door and attacked her with two knives that he previously retrieved from the kitchen.

The homicide had as witnesses the mother of the femicide, one of her lawyers and Schafer’s lawyer, who heard or observed everything that happened in the dressing room behind the door that was blocked or from a window that overlooked the back garden of home.

According to the autopsy, Farré caused a total of 74 injuries to his wife with blows and knives, of which 66 were stab wounds, and the cause of death was a throat slit.

Conviction and prison

The business administrator, who was arrested at the same crime scene, ended up being sentenced on June 6, 2017 by a popular jury that found him guilty in a debate coordinated by Judge Esteban Andrejin of TOC 2 of San Isidro, who set the maximum sentence of life, which is now firm.

In addition, the magistrate decided that the businessman be deprived of the parental authority of his three children for the duration of the sentence and of the administration of his assets.

His defense, in the trial, had proposed two possibilities that were dismissed: that he be declared incompetent or that the sentence be mitigated due to “violent emotion.”

Since serving his sentence, Farré has changed prison units several times -San Martín Dolores, Bahía Blanca-, because he had some problems with other prisoners.

His last transfer was last January to Unit 41 in Campana, where he shares a pavilion with the priest Julio César Grassi (convicted of child abuse) and former boxer Rodrigo “La Hiena” Barrios (prisoner for gender-based violence), and This was because he reported that he was harassed and extorted in the Bahía Blanca prison by a group of prisoners who forced him to pay 100,000 pesos to buy lambs, suckling pigs and several kilos of chicken and fruit for New Year’s dinner.

There, from what he said, he is studying sociology at a distance and has plans to return to law, a career that he had started when he was in Bahía Blanca.

In addition, he attends talks on leadership given by “Los Espartanos” and “Los Legionarios”, the rugby teams made up of Buenos Aires inmates, and he also studies the Old Testament, the Torah and is completing a course on Jewish Mystical Kabbalah that he had started 10 years ago in Miami.

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