The lion’s den: "No, not everyone can do that"

“Flasher” causes resentment afterwards

E-scooters are everywhere. In every major city of any size, companies like Tier, Voi, Lime, Bolt and more have set up e-scooters that allow customers to get around town quickly. No wonder that Alexander Rech and Ines Wöckl founded a start-up that is primarily aimed at e-scooter users. With “flasher” the two founded a company, which should provide more security.

The idea: Two electronic light bracelets that work like turn signals in a car. Depending on whether you want to brake or turn, the wristbands react to corresponding movements and then trigger the appropriate lights on the right and left arm. Especially useful for e-scooter riders, as they cannot give hand signals.

Carsten Maschmeyer and Ralf Dümmel make a joint offer Judith Williams and Nils Glagau offer individually: 150,000 euros for 20 percent. Maschmeyer and Dümmel also announce a Germany-wide poster campaign. After the founders accepted the offer from Maschmeyer and Dümmel, Williams got upset about the presentation of the offers. Nico Rosberg spoke of “a strong offer”, Williams sees himself and Glagau at a disadvantage because there were 3 strong offers. “It wasn’t presented particularly fairly,” agrees Nils Glagau. “A nationwide campaigneveryone can do that” complains the lioness and suddenly Maschmeyer contradicts her “No, not everyone can do that“. The two of them probably don’t agree at all.

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