The list is updated: The candidates to use the foreign quota released by Christian Santos in Colo Colo

The Cacique is still unable to button any name in this transfer market and time is running out. Fortunately, the departure of Venezuelan Santos has been made official, so a valuable foreign quota is released in the First Team.

Jhon Chancellor and Emiliano Velázquez are in the folder.
© Getty Images and UNO Agency.Jhon Chancellor and Emiliano Velázquez are in the folder.

Colo Colo continues to move slowly in this transfer market for the second half of 2022, seeing how each of his reinforcement options are falling with a speed that, at this point in the game, already worries a bit.

However, from the Cacique they made an important move thinking about the formation of the squad for the second semester, since the departure of the Venezuelan Christian Santos was made official and with this a foreign quota was released in the first team.

There are several candidates fighting to use this quota, being Gustavo Quinteros himself who confirmed that it would be used in a new central defender, this due to the injury of Emiliano Amor and the fall of Ramiro González, who could not seal his arrival at the Monumental after not pass the medical exams.

Here are the names of Venezuelan Jhon Chancellor, Uruguayan Emiliano Velázquez, also Uruguayan Gary Kagelmacher, Paraguayan Carlos Rolón and further back in this race the Argentine Fernando Meza, who already has experience defending the Colo Colo shirt.

And are only defenders those who appear in the folder? There are also alternatives in other places on the courtalthough of course, in a second line thinking of strengthening the team.

Here they appear the Colombian Yorman Zapata and the Mexican Mauro Lainez as candidates, but at first it was to cover up an eventual departure of Pablo Solari, a situation that was avoided at least in this window of the transfer market.

Also there was the chance to bring a new goalkeeper, being the Argentine Nahuel Losada from Belgrano de Córdoba one of the candidates. His name was offered by his representative a few weeks ago, but he was losing strength due to the rapid recovery of Brayan Cortés.

It should be remembered that the Cacique has until 11:59 p.m. on the business day prior to the start of date 19 of the second round of the tournament as a deadline to hire reinforcements. On paper you can see that there is still a lot of time left, but next week they will debut in the Copa Sudamericana, so the deadlines are quite short.

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