The ‘Little Chicken’, ‘Vatican’ and Montesinos (II)

This Owl commented yesterday on the fall of Vladimiro Montesinos, due to Matilde Pinchi Pinchi’s denunciation. It was she who delivered the famous video of Alberto Kouri where he is seen receiving fifteen thousand dollars from the corrupt government. But I fell short and failed to tell you the story of drug trafficker Demetrio Chávez Peñaherrera, ‘Vatican’.

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In the years when he had all the power, Montesinos increased his wealth by charging drug traffickers fifty thousand dollars for each plane that took off full of cocaine from the clandestine runways in the Huallaga. His ‘gendarme’ was an Army officer nicknamed ‘Capulina’. At that time, the main drug supplier of the ‘Patrón’ Pablo Escobar, head of the Medellín Cartel, was ‘Vaticano’who operated in the Huallaga, neighboring the Campanilla Anti-subversive Base.

Vladimiro was so happy with the succulent payments made by the narco, that he accepted his invitation and traveled to Campanilla to celebrate Demetrio Chávez’s birthday., who also spent tens of thousands of dollars to take the most sought-after vedettes and models of the time from Lima, but he couldn’t bear that ‘Doc’, drunk from drinking very fine bottles of ‘Cristal’ champagne and hot with jungle lust, tried kiss him and, what was worse, dare to touch his virile member head-on. ‘Vatican’ told that story a thousand times. “The Doc is from the other team,” he concluded.

Montesinos was discharged from the Army for an ignominious act

Who knows if resentful at the trafficker’s rejection, as soon as he returned to Lima, he ordered ‘Capulina’ to increase the price per plane taken off to one hundred thousand dollars. When the narco refused, ‘Doc’ declared war on him and had the runways blown up and warehouses seized. ‘Vatican’ fled to Colombia, but ‘Doc’ denounced him to the DEA and they arrested and extradited him. When Chávez Peñaherrera said that “Doc” was his partner, the hearing was suspended. The next day he arrived as a zombie, accused himself and was buried at the Naval Base. He was undone at the point of electroshock.

TRAITOR ALL LIFE: Montesinos, an Army artillery captain, acquired disastrous notoriety, as he was discharged for an ignominious act: He betrayed the country by selling military secrets to the CIA in the seventies and in full military government. But in 1999, being the powerful adviser to the Intelligence Service, in association with military friends of his, such as Luis Aybar Cancho and his brothers, he ordered the transport of ten thousand machine guns bought from Jordanian traffickers to deliver them to the Colombian FARC guerrillas.

When this operation was discovered by the United States, Montesinos betrayed his subordinates, the Aybars, and denounced them as arms traffickers and drug traffickers, without giving them any chance of denouncing him. For this crime, Montesinos was sentenced to twenty years in prison. Drug trafficker, arms dealer and still a traitor. Quite a gem! I turn off the television.


Prosecutor Patricia Benavides on Bruno Pacheco


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