The Lord of the Rings: Show will have new hobbits

The Lord of the Rings series is still a long way off, but anyone who follows news about the series knows how much budget Amazon is putting into production and that slow development can mean good things. While we wait for the series to appear, new information is always waiting for us.

Actor Sir Lenny Henry, for example, just shared a few details that might surprise fans of the franchise. In an interview with the BBC he talked about his role in the series, about a new kind of hobbits and what else fans can expect.

A new breed of hobbits appears in the Lord of the Rings series

Henry himself will embody a completely new form of the hobbit that we haven’t seen in the movies. As Henry also emphasizes, the producers of the series did not come up with these hobbits – the harfoots come from the Lord of the Rings maestro Tolkien himself:

“I am a harefoot [Harfoot]as conceived by JRR Tolkien, who incidentally also comes from Birmingham […]. I’m a black hobbit, it’s awesome and what to know about this version of the books, they are set before the age we saw in the movies. It’s about the early days of the Shire and Tolkien’s surroundings, so we are an indigenous population of harefoot, we are hobbits but we are called harefoot, we are multicultural but we are a tribe and not a race, so we are black, Asian and brown, there are even some Maoris. “

As Henry continues, fans are also allowed to “a very strong female presence” as “female heroes” be happy. According to his statements, the creators of the series have a lot of fun doing all of this. But telling the entire story of the series could take a little longer than you might think: “It will take at least 10 years to tell the story because it is based on the Silmarillion, which is more or less a cheat table for everything that happens in the second and third ages.”

In order to shorten the waiting time until the Lord of the Rings series you could of course watch the films again, after all there is already a lot of material with the trilogy and the Hobbit films. We also recommend our overview of the series including all important information.

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