“The Lost Canvas”: where and how to see the live-action prequel to the Knights of the Zodiac

Sometime in 2023 it will appear on the box offices of the cinemas around the world the live-action film of the Knights of the Zodiac (Knights of the Zodiac). A Hollywood production filled with world-class actors and actresses will bring to life the stories of Masami Kurumada.

Which of the arcs will they develop? Certainly something related to Saint Seiya. The bearer of the Pegasus armor is one of the main characters he joins Saori and her grandfather, Mitsumasa Kido.

If you are already aware of the release date of this movie, you probably do not have to see anything before, since you are surely up to date with everything related to the Knights of the Zodiac.

But if you’re new to this universe and want to catch up, or if you’re an old fan and need a refresher, there are two series you should watch.

The first is Saint Seiya and everything that produces the original arc that is part of the canon of the Knights of the Zodiac. With this you will be able to compare what the production did with this feature film and if it has a future as a Cinematographic Universe.

The Lost Canvas: Knights of the Zodiac

However, if you want to understand the origins of the holy war to protect Saori, Goddess of Athenas, then you should ideally watch The Lost Canvas.

For Latin America, this amazing anime is available on Amazon Prime Video. The Lost Canvas stands out for being a series for teenagers, young people and adults. It has a lot of rawness in its images and the illustrations are simply brutal.

With this anime, the fans are going to put themselves in context about what is happening in the movie and the most important thing is that the new followers are going to become familiar with the context that the Knights of the Zodiac represent.

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