The MacBook Air M1 is at € 829 thanks to two offers at Boulanger

Thanks to a reduction and a trade-in of your old laptop, the MacBook Air M1 will cost you € 300 less, or € 829.99.

Baker offers a immediate discount of 100 € to be used on the MacBook Air M1, it therefore switches to 1029 € instead of 1129 €. By going to your Boulanger store and bringing back your old laptop, you will be able to get a additional discount of 200 €.

Image 1: The MacBook Air M1 is at € 829 thanks to two offers at Boulanger

The MacBook Air M1 costs € 829.99 at Boulanger

This is a good plan not to be missed if you fancy buying yourself the MacBook Air M1. At Boulanger, you will be able to combine two current offers. The first is a reduction of € 100, which changes the computer to 1029 € instead of 1129 €. The second corresponds to a recovery of 200 € from your old laptop. To benefit from this operation, you must return your equipment in good condition and no later than November 1, 2021. Be careful, when ordering, especially check the words “withdrawal in store”.

To invest this amount, you certainly know the characteristics of this product and more particularly the performance of the Apple M1 chip. You know that the PC will offer you power, speed as well as absolute silence during its use. In other words, qualities that are not found in all computers. Of course, whatever your needs, we will not have a slowdown and thanks to its 49.9 Wh battery you will be able to last up to 20 hours with conventional use.

If you have any doubts, take the time to consult our comparison of the best PCs.

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