The man of our lives (M6): what is this series worth with Odile Vuillemin broadcast tonight?

This Thursday, November 24, M6 is launching its new series The Man of Our Lives with, in the cast, Odile Vuillemin, Elodie Frégé, Helena Noguerra and Flore Bonaventura opposite Jonathan Zaccaï. Is it worth a look? Our opinion.

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New alert! If you are (already) fed up with the Football World Cup, M6 has thought of you, and will offer, from this Thursday, November 24, The man of our lives, a new series with an enticing cast (and the entirety of which is already available on Salto). In the lead role, Jonathan Zaccai (who replaced Ary Abittan, indicted for rape while filming this series) embodies a seducer with multiple identities who seduces women before ripping them off. Facing him, Odile Vuillemin (in the role of Camille), Flora Bonaventura (in Oriane’s), Helena Noguerra (who embodies Mathilde) and Elodie Frege (alias Iris) interpret his “preys”… A situation that will change the day when Camille will discover the pot-aux-roses, and do everything to get revenge.

The man of our lives (M6): what is this series about with Odile Vuillemin and Élodie Frégé?

Jonathan Zaccaï slips easily into this role of “bastard”, which he carries with conviction. With his charming face and his sometimes disturbing gaze, he is perfect for bringing this unsympathetic but charming character to life. Telling the events through the prism of the villain is the interesting bias of this fiction which shows how someone intelligent can use social codes and new technologies to manipulate those around them. A voiceover reminiscent of the character of Joe Goldberg in You, where the hero deciphers for the spectator the totally distorted vision he has of the world. In this essential pivotal role, the Belgian actor is the main asset of this fiction, which would not last if this seductive hero did not also seduce his audience. Note a small clever detail of the scenario: the same bracelet that he offers to all his conquests as a trophy as serial killers do. A simple object thus makes it possible to underline the psychopathic character of this scammer.

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The man of our lives (M6): should we watch this series with Odile Vuillemin and Élodie Frégé?

In a cast with multiple female roles, each actress has her part to play and her own personality. Each brings her personal touch to her character, her strengths and her weaknesses, thus demonstrating in subtext that, whatever her profile, any woman can be the victim of a scammer. Another message delivered by this fiction: sorority. Over the episodes, one of the interests of the plot is to see their union take shape. This equality is not found at the level of the game. If Flore Bonaventura, Odile Vuillemin and Helena Noguerra are convincing, Élodie Frégé (who sings the same song over and over) and Bérénice Baôo are not up to the trio. Through these different portraits of women, other interesting themes are also addressed. That of the difficult relationship between a single mother and her teenage daughter, of a self-effacing young woman and her overprotective father or even of the conflicting relationships between sisters. Despite the flaws of this thriller, we let ourselves be carried away by the richness of the scenario and its well-constructed plot, served by solid actors…

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