The man who stabbed the bricklayer is hospitalized: what is known about the attack in Gonnet after a psychiatric outbreak

The victim of the attack was assisted at the San Roque hospital / web

The 32-year-old auctioneer by profession, who would have had a past as a rugbier and last Tuesday almost slaughtered a bricklayer who worked in his house in Gonnet, located at 493 streets between 15 and 15 bis, would be compulsively interned in a psychiatric center at the request of the prosecutor in charge of the case, Marcelo Romero.

Judicial sources indicated in this sense that, “from the medical report it is clear that the accused was disoriented in time and space, with amnesia of the episode that occurred and ingestion of a pill, which he did not know what it was.”

Due to the above, because it represents a risk to itself and/or to third parties, its evaluation was requested by a Mental Health team from a public hospital, although, always according to the same spokespersons, both in the San Martín hospital and in that of Melchor Romero, they refused to carry out said medical examination, for reasons that did not come out and will surely be the subject of an additional investigation.

The concrete thing was that, given such a situation and understanding the prosecutor Romero that the defendant is under psychiatric treatment for a history of problematic use of multiple substances, impulsive and aggressive behavior, within the framework of a psychotic picture, approximately a year ago, existing reasons of necessity and urgency that merit putting it under protection, is that he requested said measure to the guarantee judge Pablo Raele, which was favorably received.

The illicit materiality

For his part, regarding the illegal act that, at first, led to the aggressor’s arrest, prosecutor Romero stated that “a male subject became violent with Marcos Rodríguez, an employee who was carrying out maintenance tasks in the house and He attacked him with a knife on the left side of his face, causing injuries that have ultimately been classified as serious.

Apparently, always according to spokesmen for the investigation, the attacker, in his altered state, mistook the operator for a thief.

The victim was with another worker, who left for a moment to make a purchase at a hardware store and, upon returning, ran into a scandal of unusual proportions.

“When you shout get out, get out, he’s a thief”, the auctioneer, in his confusion, wanted to put everyone to safety.

However, despite being told who the injured person was and asked why he had done such a thing, he was never able to give coherent answers.

From the start, based on the report from the same sources, “it was noted that he suffered from a psychic overflow, from not understanding what was happening.”

The fact caused a real stir in that area of ​​the City and once again puts the magnifying glass on mental health issues.

It should be remembered that, so far in 2022, there have already been two homicides in La Plata with defendants suffering from psychiatric problems.

One, in March in City Bell, where a 16-year-old boy killed his mother’s partner, tired of alleged mistreatment, and the most recent, a few days ago in Los Hornos, when a man slit his mother’s throat and then tried to take a cocktail of pills.

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