The martyrdom of Barti in the party for permanence

The match between Colo Colo and the University of Concepción for permanence looks very far away. Obtaining the Chile Cup, the first place in the standings and the triumph in the superclassic generate tranquility in the popular institution and many are excited about the title. However, that match played in February is much more than an anecdote for the colocolinos.

The meeting will go down in history for the fans as it allowed the Cacique to be the only Chilean club that has never descended. Marcelo Barticciotto, idol of the club, lived the game in a particular way since he lived it as a communicator and as a fan: “I was doing the game on the radio and I couldn’t take my nerves anymore, I couldn’t take it anymore “He began by saying in the presentation of book 777 by Esteban Abarzua.

“When the second half began to come to the U of Conce and Colo Colo began to defend, because after the goal Colo Colo did not come again and the U of Conce was coming, after 15 minutes I told Pato Muñoz that I had to go, I had to go to the canal. It’s a lie, I didn’t want to play the game anymore “, confessed the seven of the people.

To later tell how he lived the last minutes of the meeting: “From 15 minutes into the second half I didn’t see him anymore and I started driving the car around without listening to the radio, until the game ended. I started walking around Santiago without listening to the radio until the game was over and I asked a person who was wearing the Colo Colo jersey who was listening to the game how it had turned out. At that level “, Barti closed.

Today the champion of America is excited about the moment the club is experiencing and like much of the media, believes that Colo Colo is the great candidate to be the next Chilean soccer champion.

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