The mask is here to stay while there is flu: Ministry of Health of Spain

The Minister of Health of Spain, Carolina Darias, reported that although less than fifty cases of coronavirus are reported in the country per 100,000 inhabitants, the use of the mask should be maintained for several more months.

Darias indicated that the mask “has come to beI know at least as long as we have the flu virus or other possible viruses in this autumn time (…) we do not know how the flu is going to behave but we are clear that, at least for a while, the masks are going to stay with us ”.

The Minister stressed that it remains to be seen how the situation of management of the pandemic in the middle of the cold season by the traditional viruses of the time so the use of masks indoors would also extend beyond the beginning of 2022.

“The culture of care is here to stay. It must be said very clearly: the virus is still there and in fact cases are detected although to a lesser extent due to the successful vaccination campaign, but we must continue to be vigilant and use those measures that are effective, like the use of the mask ”, concluded Darias.

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