The memes after the meeting between newsstands, Panini and the Government

What is the Ministry of Commerce for if not to resolve a problem between manufacturers of a popular consumer good and who wants to sell it?

This Tuesday, before the advance of the conflict, the Union of Kiosqueros of the Argentine Republic (UKRA) and the representatives of the Panini company faced each other at the Government headquarters due to the shortage of figurines for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The actors in the conflict, the newsstands and the company, were received by Matías Tombolini, “who made the legal and technical teams of the Secretariat available to collaborate in the search for possible solutions between the parties regarding the commercialization of World Cup figurines “.

“It was a very positive meeting”, said the directors of the UKRA, highlighting “the joint work between the newsstands, the State and the company to find a solution”.

And the networks celebrate and mock:

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