The memory of Barticciotto with a beautiful Cacique shirt

The National Holidays are celebrated and red is the predominant color in the celebration. Red is the shirt of the Chilean team and in Dale Albo, we remember the t-shirts that it got Colo Colo of that color.

And a club idol did not want to be left behind in the memories and Marcelo Pablo Barticciotto He uploaded on his social networks, a photograph with one of the red shirts he wore in Colo Colo.

The “Barti” specifically, He posed with the 1987 shirt that was red, but that corresponded to a match from 1988, when the idol took his first steps in the Eternal Champion.

In the photo you can see a young Barticciotto posing with the Cacique’s clothing at the National Stadium in a match against the Catholic University.

A memory that was filled with positive comments, since “Barti” is an idol of the club.

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