The mention of Shepard’s participation in the new Mass Effect turned out to be a mistake

Recently on store website bioware there was a mention return Commander Shepard in the new mass effectwhich ended up being a mistake.

This was reported in the description of the poster lithograph for the upcoming installment of the series, which initially stated the following:

Shepard’s latest mission may have stopped the Reaper threat, but at the cost of heavy casualties, including Earth. And while Shepard and the survivors are forced to deal with the consequences, fans continue to wonder what will happen next.

Later, the text was changed to a more neutral one, and the mention of Shepard disappeared altogether – the fans even began to speculate about this, but the project director intervened. Michael Gamble.

According to him, people who deal exclusively with the store and are not familiar with the upcoming game were responsible for the description. He accompanied the post with a “smiley face,” in which some suspected a hint that Shepard had not been forgotten at all.

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