The millionaire criminal payroll that the dejected narco ‘Matamba’ paid to the military

The dejected narco Juan Lárrison Estupiñán alias ‘Matamaba’ “paid a salary close to $400 million” to his criminal organization. This is stated in the indictment against two colonels and 13 soldiers, better known by Caracol Radio.

The 32-page document says that the dejected narco alias ‘Matamaba’, to have control of drug trafficking in Nariño and much of the south of the country, paid the military he had at the service of his criminal organization, a monthly salary of $5 million pesos, and to the high command , among them the retired Colonel of the National Army Harry Leonardo Gómez Tabares, and ex-commander of the Boyacá Battalion, gave him monthly through alias ‘Mauricio’, the sum of $30 million pesos.

That money It was also intended to pay for the transfer of military commanders who hindered the illicit activities carried out by the ‘Matamba’ criminal group. in the area where they offend.

The detainee Colonel Robinson González Del Río, convicted of false positives, was the main link of the narco ‘Matamba’ with the military.

On September 29 at 2 in the afternoon, the Prosecutor’s Office will formally accuse retired colonels from the National Army, Robinson González Del Río and Harry Leonardo Gómez, in addition to 13 people, including military and civilians.

The indictment against Col. retired Robinson González del Río and Col. Harry Leonardo Gómez retired for the ‘Matamba’ case / CARACOL RADIO

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