The Minister of Agriculture assured that there are officials promoting the invasion and defending the occupation of land in Colombia

In a debate of political control in the Senate Fifth Committee against him, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Cecilia Lopez Montanoreferred to the problem of land invasion, stating that will punish invaders with the full weight of the lawbut that in no way supports the mechanism of self-defense.

He stated that this problem does not have homogeneous characteristics in the different territories in which it is occurring. “We have a big difference in what they are invasions where there are businesses behind, politics behind and objectives that are not exactly what one would expect”.

And then he assured that he will work with the government to be able to apply the law to all those who invade property illegally, denouncing that there would be officials involved in these eventspursuing her interests, something she called “invasions”:

We have already seen how the attorney herself pointed out that there are public officials involved in this promotion of invading land where they are doing business with landownersthere all the force of the law, we call it invasion. The Ministry of Defense told me that we have 62 investigative processes, 41 for invasion, 17 for subjugation, 4 for usurpation of land, with regard to invasions that we consider absolutely illegal.”, said the portfolio manager.

At this point, it marked the difference with the concept of “activities”, advanced by some indigenous communities in the Cauca, with which he assured that dialogues have already been established. “Other things are the occupations, where the indigenous issue comes in, there the model is what we are working on and what has been advanced in the case of Cauca, there is dialogue because we do not want violenceif it is not possible in this way, the Police allow us to act after 48 acts, there is the position of the Government, the Minister of Defense, the Interior, but let it be clear that the issue of indigenous rights is in mind and we are working with that”.

Similarly, he rejected self-defense mechanisms, since it is the responsibility of the State to take care of people and their lands, and this in turn should have a monopoly on force. “The Government cannot support any self-defense activity, it is a responsibility of the State to take care of people and their landsLopez said. This, taking into account the videos broadcast of ranchers organizing in Plato, Magdalena, to protest against the invasions, where armed men were allegedly seen.

On the other hand, he referred to the agrarian reform, one of President Gustavo Petro’s campaign flags. She affirmed the official that the Government has the will to distribute the land equitably. “Yesterday we came to the conclusion of a commercialization proposal for peasant family agriculture, it is going to be a policy that we are discussing for perishables. We are sure that in non-perishable food we have other alternatives where we can give the primary sector more play“, he pointed.

In this regard, he spoke of some opportunities that the country would have in agribusiness, such as the possibility of supplying the bee market worldwide or in the development of fique. “We have also identified an opportunity in the development of fique”, said the minister.

In addition, he referred to projects that he has in mind to improve the quality of life in rural areas and the creation of opportunities in order to improve agricultural productivity.

I have a meeting with all the presidents of the banks in this country, I already met with Asomovil, and I met with the insurers in Cartagena, the three are committed to digital connectivity for the rural sector. I already have clear proposals to discuss with Asobancaria, the insurers are already waiting for us to give them a line, I asked them for proposals because rural insurance is minimal, they are committed to the digital connectivity part so that there is real agricultural insurance, that package is being put together“, said.


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