The Ministry of Foreign Affairs marks against manipulated PKK images

“Messages and images that we have reason to believe have been manipulated have been spread on social media, and suggest that Sweden supports the PKK,” the Foreign Ministry wrote in a statement.

“This is a deliberate and malicious campaign of influence with a clear goal to prevent Sweden’s accession to NATO,” it is further stated.

Turkey has opposed supporting a Swedish and a Finnish NATO application and claims, among other things, that the Nordic countries support organizations linked to the Kurdish organization PKK. The PKK is classified as a terrorist organization by both Turkey and the EU, and thus also by Sweden.

“Takes a strong distance”

The Foreign Ministry further writes in the statement that it condemns the PKK, “which is a terrorist organization”.

It is also marked against a film that has been spread where Foreign Minister Ann Linde is heard saying that Sweden will always be grateful for what “the Kurds have done in the fight against terrorism”, which in the film’s context is suggested as a form of support for the PKK.

“Foreign Minister Anna Linde has never expressed support for the PKK and strongly dissociates herself from the manipulated film and the PKK,” writes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Is it right to equate the Kurdish guerrilla groups PKK and YPG? Svante Cornell from the think tank ISDP reasoned in the clip. Photo: SVT

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