The Ministry of Health issued an alert for the risk of reintroduction of measles

The Ministry of Health of the Nation issued an epidemiological alert regarding the confirmation of active measles outbreaks in countries of the region and the world.

The national health portfolio expressed in a statement that the circulation of the virus in the Region of the Americas continues active, since in Brazil 619 cases were confirmed, including two deaths in six federal units, while in the United States there were 47 and in the French Guiana, five.

On the other hand, regarding vaccination against measles, the Ministry of Health urges the population to verify that in their vaccination card (both adults and children) they have the complete schedule and, in case of doubt, attend the nearest vaccination center to consult with the health team.

It should be noted that in July of last year Argentina was once again placed as a measles-free country after an outbreak of this disease that had begun at the end of August 2019.

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