The misplaced question that angered Gimena Accardi and Nicolás Vázquez

Gimena Accardi She is one of the most agreeable actresses in entertainment and rarely refuses to talk about personal issues or those related to her private life. For example, there is the interview that she gave to “LAM” on May 11, where the famous woman talked about her relationship with Nico Vázquez, her enmity with China Suárez and her upcoming work commitments.

However, and as is obvious, there are very personal issues that Gimena Accardi and Nico Vázquez did not want to play in front of a camera because of the pain that the protagonist of “Casi Ángeles” made public at some point. The matter in question is the arrival of a new member of the family.

Gimena Accardi and Nico Vázquez have been together for 15 years and have become one of the most stable couples in entertainment.

However, a woman from Salta asked a very misplaced question to Gimena Accardi and Nico Vázquez while on tour in that town in the company of Benjamín Vicuña to continue with the work “Una semana nada más”.

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