The missionaries arrested for the soybean cause abstained from the investigation

Tuesday June 21, 2022 | 2:00 a.m.

The missionaries arrested last Thursday in the framework of a judicial investigation for the illegal transportation and smuggling of soybeans to Brazil were transferred to an investigative hearing before the authorities of the Federal Court of Paso de los Libres, in Corrientes. There, as El Territorio learned, they refrained from testifying.

As this media reported in previous editions, they are Mario Alberto C., a poultry businessman from Eldorado, and the brothers Marcelo and Marcela C., who were apprehended in Colonia Aurora. There is also a fourth involved who was arrested in Sáenz Peña, Chaco.

As reconstructed by this medium based on sources with access to the file, the hearing took place on Saturday afternoon. Before remaining silent, everyone appointed a lawyer and then Judge Gustavo del Corazón de Jesús Fresneda, in charge of the case, read the elements against him so far.

In Colonia Aurora, four tons of soybeans were seized.

The spokespersons added that they were accused as co-perpetrators of “illicit association in real competition with major contraband aggravated by the number of participants, for having intervened in the acts of public officials in office or on the occasion of their functions and for having intervened in the act members of the security forces”. The intervention of the forces is in ideal competition with “active bribery and forgery of private documents”.

Those involved will continue to be detained and it is not ruled out that there will be new procedures and arrests in the future. Regarding the accusation, until last night there had been no information about the implication -less detention- of public officials or members of the security forces, something that was evidenced in other cases.

february cause

The investigation began after the arrest of four trucks loaded with soybeans on National Route 14 in February. The control was made at the height of the town of Gobernador Virasoro, at its intersection on route 120, an artery that joins with national road 12. The vehicles were being supported by two 4×4 trucks that officiated as pointers.

“The Federal Justice of Paso de los Libres would have in these actors detained those allegedly responsible for the structure of the organization such as financing, transportation, facilitation of names as an alleged legal destination and the recipients of grains in the border area to transfer them. illegally to the neighboring country”, they pointed out yesterday from the force.

The collection of information, monitoring and other investigative actions were in charge of the Judicial Investigations Unit of Complex Crimes and Judicial Procedures of Paso de los Libres, who acted with different units and squads.

Thus, the deployment of raids and arrests was established for the last Thursday in Misiones, Chaco and Santa Fe.

In the Labor Capital, three targets were raided, in the case of two homes and a warehouse. In addition to the arrest, documents of interest to the case, three cell phones and electronic elements -computers, storage devices, camera records, etc- were seized there. A truck with a trailer was also seized – there were several but only one was wanted – and just over 9 thousand dollars in cash and a few reais.

The Eldoradense involved is known to have several ventures. Before, he had a supermarket and currently manages a chicken distributor, it was detailed. Not long ago, in November of last year, he suffered a violent assault attempt by men with long weapons.

Then the merchant confronted the criminals and received several blows to the head, but fortunately the situation did not escalate. The four-piece band decided to leave their home.

In Aurora, meanwhile, just over four tons of soybeans were seized in a warehouse. The grains were distributed in 50-kilogram bags and the researchers assume that, due to the proximity to the coast and the narrow Uruguay River, they went to Brazil through there.

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