The modifications that Quinteros prepares for the Chile Cup

Colo Colo will have an intense week where he will have to face two important commitments. The first against Unión Española for the Chile Cup and then against Antofagasta for the National Championship. Encounters where Gustavo Quinteros will have to get hold of the squad to have the players who are physically better.

In the duel against the Hispanics, last Saturday, Jeyson Rojas, Joan Cruz and Gabriel Costa they had to leave the pitch due to physical discomfort, so it is very likely, given the DT’s arguments, that they will miss the next match.

“It will be difficult to repeat the team on Wednesday in the Chile Cup, we have three injured players. Costa was a blow, he shouldn’t have a problem, but the issue of Cruz and Rojas, who are two juniors, is something more muscular. You have to see how they react and the studies. We hope it is nothing serious. One was due to a bad effort and the other due to fatigue because he has been playing a lot. But I have faith that they will recover soon “Quinteros explained.

For this reason, it is very likely that Óscar Opazo will use the place left by Jeyson Rojas; Pablo Solari, that of Joan Cruz and Luciano Arriagada that of Gabriel Costa, to meet the sub-21 minutes. The rest of the team should not present news.

The most likely formation of Colo Colo would be with: Brayan Cortes in goal; Óscar Opazo, Maximiliano Falcó, Emiliano Amor and Gabriel Suazo in defence; Cesar Fuentes, Vicente Pizarro, Marcos Bolados, Pablo Solari in the shuttlecock area; leaving Iván Morales and Luciano Arriagada on offense.

All these doubts will begin to be resolved in today’s practice, where Gustavo Quinteros will look for the formulas to continue advancing in the Chile Cup and reach the leadership of the National Tournament.

Colo Colo hopes to continue with the celebrations at Copa Chile | Photo: Agency One

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