The moment between the royal couple was captured on BBC television – everyone sees the same thing

Maybe it wasn’t the right time and place…

The King and Queen Silvia have made a very gloomy visit to London.

They were of course invited to Queen Elizabeth’s big funeral, and didn’t hesitate for a second when they saw the chance to say a final farewell to the Queen in stately Westminster Abbey.

The king was not only friends with the queen, they were also related through the king’s mother and father. So a relative who disappears from the king’s life.

Swedish Tim, 29, confuses the guests inside Elizabeth’s funeral: “Who is he?”

Had the places of honor – sat at the front of the church

Some were in shock when they saw the Swedish royal couple sitting so far forward during the big state funeral. They sat near Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and the Crown Prince Couple of Spain.

It is perhaps not so strange that the royal couple could therefore be glimpsed a good number of times in the official broadcast from the British TV channel BBC.

Queen Silvia’s comment was dismissed

Silvia and King Carl Gustaf sat in the front row during the hours-long funeral, which was broadcast live for just over seven hours. Very visible to exactly the whole world!

Sitting quietly throughout the day is somewhat demanding, although the royals of course want to show all their respect and are used to this type of event.

Silvia brings up something with the king, but he doesn't answer at all as expected - he doesn't answer at all

Silvia makes an attempt to raise something with the king, but he does something very unexpected – he doesn’t answer at all.

Of course, we have no idea what Silvia’s words to the king were about. In any case, it is clear that the king had second thoughts, something that happens to all of us sometimes.

The British royal house’s mark against the king and Silvia – visible in the middle of the broadcast

Photo: Screenshot BBC

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