The Moncler stock breaks the delay and accelerates upwards

After the lateral phase that had characterized the prices for about a month, the Moncler stock breaks the delay and accelerates upwards. So much so that you can earn over 30% in just over 2 weeks. The bull run, however, may not be over yet.

The Moncler stock breaks the delay and accelerates upwards

The title Moncler (MIL: MONC) closed the session on 3 August with an increase of 0.65% compared to the previous session at 49.05 euros.

Daily time frame: the indications of the graphic analysis

The current setting is bullish and after having overcome the obstacle offered by the first price target in the 46.75 euro area, prices could move towards the next target in the 52.46 euro area. The maximum bullish extension, then, could go to the 58 euro area. A first indication in this sense would be with a daily closing of more than 48.93 euros.

The bears could take over in the event of a daily close below € 46.75. In this case, the stock could go down to the 36 euro area.

The evaluation of the Moncler stock

Whatever the market multiple used to classically analyze balance sheet data, the stock is overvalued. Furthermore, the value of the company in proportion to the turnover of the company, valued at 5.38 times the company sales, is the highest in the reference sector. The price-to-earnings ratio is an exception. In this case, in fact, Moncler shares are quoted at a discount of about 30% compared to the average for the reference sector.

The EV / EBITDA confirms the overvaluation of the stock, but in this case the Moncler shares are not among the most expensive compared to competitors. As well as the fair value, calculated with the discounted cash flow method, which expresses an overvaluation of over 30%.

On the other hand, however, Moncler has a whole series of strengths that make it almost an obligatory investment choice, both for those aiming at the fashion sector and for those aiming at the Italian market in general.

The expectations of growth progress, in fact, are quite promising. Another strong point of the stock is the financial situation of the company which appears excellent. The liquidity ratio is much higher than 1 and the debt-to-capitalization ratio is less than 40%. This gives it a considerable investment capacity.

According to what is reported in the specialized magazines, the average opinion of the analysts is to buy with an average target price that expresses an undervaluation of around 20%.

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