The Monumental must be invincible in the second wheel

Colo Colo finished as the brand new winter champion in this first round of the 2021 National Championship, placing as a leader in the standings with 33 points, two more than Unión La Calera, his closest guard and next rival on the 18th date of the tournament.

The evolution of Gustavo Quinteros’ team in these six months has been remarkable, especially considering that in February 2021 he had to play a game for permanence to avoid relegation to the First B of our football.

Those bad memories are already in the past and at the Monumental the appetite is already opening to go for everything in this second half of the season, especially considering that he already has one foot in the final of the Chile Cup and that, looking at the table, he has the first option to shout champion at the end of the year.

However, it is not necessary to call victory yet, since, although in certain the improvement of the Cacique is to applaud, there is still a point to improve to finish shouting champion at the end of the year: the performance at the Monumental Stadium.

Colo Colo’s game in the Pedrero venue was not one of the best, since he had to fight enough to be able to become strong at home. Out of eight games he won four, tied two and lost two, achieving 14 points out of 24 possible, which translates into a 58.33% performance.

Colo Colo is eighth playing at home in the tournament.

If a “home” table will be set up in the tournament, the albos would march eighth, quite far from the leader Universidad Católica, a cast that in San Carlos de Apoquindo He is undefeated in this 2021 season, winning seven games and drawing only one, 0-0 against Cacique in the last classic.

As a visitor, the situation changes a lot for the albos, since in eight games played the Cacique has won six, tied one and lost only once (1-5 against with juveniles in Chillán against Ñublense). The team of Gustavo Quinteros is the most “ungrateful” visitor so far this tournament.

El Cacique is the most thankless visitor of the tournament.

This situation could change in the second half of the year, especially considering that gradually the public is returning to the sports venues, which could be translated into the Monumental is strengthened thanks to its fans and in which more “brave” visits will come, since at the moment there is no visitor bar in the stadiums.

A point to improve in which the presence of the Albos fans in the Monumental will surely be key. The story is clear in El Cacique: every time we were champions, it was partly thanks to the strength of our hometown on the court David Arellano.

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