The most difficult Tetris is finally leaving Japan and coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch in March 2017, Hamster Corporation has been releasing classic games every week, either as part of the Arcade Archive or ACA Neo Geo. This week Hamster Corp. announced that the next game to come to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 is Tetris: The Grand Master.

Of all the games that Hamster Corporation has released as part of its retro collection, there are only two that have not made it to the West, and they are Wonder Boy and Ark Area, which remain exclusive to Japan. For this reason, Tetris: The Grand Master is expected to have an international release on Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Tetris: The Grand Master is known to be the hardest Tetris series out there, featuring 999 levels of play. This was the first game to feature 20G gravity, which causes blocks to appear on the bottom of the screen instantly, giving us half a second to adjust their position.

This is the 300th consecutive game that Hamster Corporation has released on the Nintendo Switch eShop since the console launched, and will come alongside Galaxian, the first game from the 1970s to arrive as part of the Arcade Archives collection. Both games will go on sale this Thursday, November 24 on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Fans of retro games are happy with the releases from Hamster Corporation, because thanks to it we have at our disposal hundreds of arcade games that we might never have been able to play otherwise. In addition, among the releases we can find some jewels that are worth having on our consoles, such as the Metal Slug and The King of Fighters series, among others.

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