Today we are in the presence of a monster. This here is the Avell A70 HYBtop of the line notebook, and by far the most powerful notebook we’ve ever tested here!

Running on this machine we have a great intel processor, a i7-12700H with FOURTEEN NUCLEUS. a processor TETRADECA-COREwith twenty threads!

Of RAM memory we have 16 GB, which is ok, there is no shortage or excess of memory. But the news is that they are clocked at 4800 Mhz. If you know a little about the subject, you’ve already called that this frequency is looking like a bit of a liar. Did they put a heavy overclock on the memories? Not. They are in format DDR5, and it is also the first time that we test this new memory standard. Will it make any noticeable difference in games?

Avell A70 HYB

I was already forgetting the most important thing, the video card! Do you have RTX or not? From the sticker we saw that we have an RTX inside, an RTX 3060. Now go!

Synthetic Tests

We forgot to show it in the video, but we did two synthetic tests on the notebook, as usual:


Test on Cinebench
Test on Cinebench
  • Multicore Score: 13441
  • Single core score: 1788

Uningine Superposition 1080p Extreme:

  • Spots: 5197
  • FPS min: 29.94
  • Average FPS: 38.87
  • FPS max: 49.59
  • Maximum graphics card temperature during the test: 78 Cº

Playing in QUAD HD

You who follow Roda Liso already know how we classify games, 60 FPS runs smooth, below 30 fps it doesn’t run, and so on. But in this notebook it will be difficult to compare the performance with the others, since it has a Quad HD screen, that is, 2560x1440p.

It is very rare for a model with such a high resolution to appear. Most gaming laptops and monitors that we test are FULL HD only. So we had to make a choice: Do we test the notebook the way it came from the factory, with maximum resolution – or do we lower it to 1080p so we can compare the result with other Roda Liso notebooks?

Let's play a Forza!
Let’s play a Forza!

Well, in my opinion, almost nobody will buy this notebook here and lower the resolution to play in FULL HD. If it came with a quad HD display, it’s because it runs games in QUAD HD – and that’s how we’re going to test it. There won’t be a break. I want to see this RTX boil in here.

Let’s see how a gaming notebook with DDR5 ram, RTX 3060 and QUAD HD screen on Roda Liso does.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Starting with one of the most popular and also heaviest games today, Call of Duty Warzone. This game doesn’t have a graphic preset, so we used a mix of medium and high, prioritizing image quality.

We took an average of 71 FPS and 1% low at 40 frames. We’re used to seeing Warzone at frame rates above that, but the resolution weighs heavily on performance. Even so, playing Warzone here is a great experience. But if it were up to me, I would lower the graphics a little to improve performance. Since we’re using a 165 Hz display, every extra frame we can extract makes the game more fluid.

The fans are maxed out and the notebook is screaming, but receives the Smooth Wheel stamp!

Call of Duty Warzone – Avell A70 HYB

Elden Ring

I committed a sacrilege here at Roda Liso and installed a MOD in one of the tested games.

But you’ll forgive me, it’s on Elden Ring and all the mod does is unlock the FPS that is normally locked at 60. Now we can see the real potential of the notebook.

Worse than I spent a long time trying to find a way to unlock the Elden Ring framerate, and I didn’t even need to. I didn’t expect that, but the Avell HYB couldn’t get past 60 frames on average. And look, we don’t even test in the heaviest areas of the game. It averaged 54 frames with 1% low at 45. It’s really complicated, but the high resolution really beats this card, which is a notebook version of the RTX mid-range model.

In quad HD, it stays with the wheel seal which is a good size.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring – Avell A70 HYB

Fortnite, playing in no-build mode with the graphics in epic was not a very good experience, we took average of 63 FPS with a minimum of 1% in a measly 10 frames.

Playing like this is too sluggish, so we lowered the graphics to medium. Only the draw distance remained in the epic.

Now things change, average of 130 frames and much more consistent. In the ultra, it’s Roda smooth, but in the medium, it’s Competitive Wheel. Let’s count the second seal, because I know no one plays Fortnite at full blast.

Fortnite – Avell A70 HYB

Red Dead Redemption 2

Here he is again, our tuberculosis simulator.

It’s very difficult to run Red Dead in quad HD, and the Avell HYB does its best, but it doesn’t run smooth, average of 51 FPS, but the stability was pretty good, at 42 frames.

This with the graphics in balance, right in the middle of the slider, just like we always do.

Red Dead gets the wheel seal!

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2 – Avell A70 HYB

Forza Horizon 5

One of my favorite games, Forza Horizon 5! This one has a thousand different graphic customizations, and we opted for the Alto preset, without Ray Tracing and without Motion Blur. It was really nice to play like that. average hitting 90 FPS with enough stability. Forza is, in my opinion, one of the best games that have come out in recent years, and it’s running smooth at Avell Hyb.

forza 5
Forza Horizon 5 – Avell A70 HYB

God of War

The God of War with the graphics in the original mode is running which is a wonder. 74 medium frames and 1% low at 65. It’s rare for a notebook to get this framerate at 1080p in god of war, let alone quad hd. Smooth Wheel Seal merited.

God of War – Avell A70 HYB

Apex Legends

Another competitive FPS there. Apex Legends. Beautiful game that caught 95 FPS on average with everything on the stalk. Is it good to play like this? IT IS. Can it get any better? From the.

Just put the graphics in the medium that we already get above 120 frames. You can barely see the difference in quality and the gameplay is much more fluid.

Apex takes the competitive wheel seal.

Apex Legends – Avell A70 HYB

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

I don’t even know why test CS GO here, it’s obvious that it will run fine. With the graphics at maximum it’s beating 260 average frames.

But then I was thinking. How high can we get? I went to the options and set everything to low, lowered the resolution to 800×600, four by three and… the game was ugly as hell.

There must be a pro who plays like that, but I can’t.

The FPS is hitting 352 on average, but I feel like it should have gone up more. If you know CS GO, comment below which part is bottlenecking, if it’s the video card, ram memory. Or comment any suggestions on how to get even more frames from CS. I was really curious to see how much we could get. Obviously you win Competitive Wheel Seal.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive – Avell A70 HYB


Despite not being a “gamer” notebook, the Avell A70 HYB runs everything. And you have plenty of option to customize the graphics. If you want more frames, just lower the shadows a little, or even the resolution to 1080p. To be honest, on that 15-inch screen the difference isn’t even that noticeable, especially in competitive games.

Its construction is excellent and the notebook is very light, but this means that its cooling system contains little aluminum. To give you an idea, it weighs less than the Acer Nitro we tested last time, and it has almost twice as much performance. That is, fans have to work hard to keep temperatures under control. So he’s a pretty loud note.

If you have money to spare and are looking for a notebook that does everything, including playing games at 1440p, go for the Avell HYB A70. I’d say it’s the best laptop money can buy. There are even more expensive models with more powerful parts, but in my opinion, they are not worth it. Above that here, the notebook is so hot and heavy that it loses a lot of portability. If you want to play with more performance than this one, it makes more sense to buy a PC right away.

Comment below which notebook you would like to see here in the program. Thanks for reading, and until next time!

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