The mother breaks her silence for the first time after the tragic death: "He smiles"

Anki Lidén breaks the silence about Avicii’s tragic death.

Avicii, or as his real name is, Tim Bergling, broke through with a bang in 2010 with the hit song “Levels”. After that, the career pointed straight up and Avicii became one of the world’s foremost DJs. He went on world tours and played several times in Sweden. At the same time, he collaborated with several world stars such as Madonna and Sia.

But Tim Bergling tragically passed away in the spring of 2018 in Oman in the Middle East. He was found dead in his hotel room.

Avicii was incredibly successful and traveled the world with his music. He was also a friend of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, and of course the prince couple took his death incredibly hard.

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“We are grateful that we got to know him,” the princely couple said in a joint statement after the sad news had reached the outside world.

Anki Liden’s grief after Avicii’s death

Since then, the family’s grief has been great. But mother Anki Lidén has been silent – until now. For in a long and emotional interview with The magazine We she tells us about the son’s importance. Sometimes the grief becomes so great that she cannot stand up.

– The legs did not wear. The first year it happened often, with time less and less, but still…, says Anki Lidén.

Anki Lidén goes on to say that it has now been four years since something broke in her. The parents sensed that the son was not feeling well at the end and that he had changed. Tim Bergling had been tied up, stopped eating and wasn’t himself. Anki Lidén and Klas Bergling tried to book a trip down to Oman – but they never made it before it was too late.

– I hope one day to dream about Tim like I dream about my sister Marianne. That Tim and I are close and that he smiles that warm smile, as a greeting that everything is fine.

Avicii’s mother Anki Lidén in hospital after accident!

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