The moving post of Benjamín Carrizo a few days after the death of his father

goodbye to Martin Carrizo, is still on the surface, and little by little his closest friends are manifesting themselves on social networks, to leave their moving farewells. On this occasion, his son, Benjamin wrote some beautiful words, along with a photo that portrays the moment.

Thank you for showing me that the only thing that matters in this world is affection, love, and unforgettable memories. Me with falling asleep on your chest listening to music with you was all I needed. Our love does me too much good, they will never be able to root it out, and the love that everyone who once knew you has for you is inexplicable., begins by describing the young man.

Nothing material is going to give me what I lived in the last time and in your farewell. Love is everything and if there is no love, let there be nothing. You really used love as a bridge, you left this plane without leaving anything undone”, expressed

And you are so anxious, just like me, that you did not resist a day to communicate with us from wherever you are. I don’t really like showing affection via networks, it was a topic that I discussed with you and we thought the same, but I feel this case as a kind of tribute and space to feel the warmth of the whole world. You left the universe in our favor“, he concluded with much love.

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