The municipal workers of La Plata will also have a holiday on Monday

The Government of the province of Buenos Aires confirmed in recent days the return of the State Worker’s Day holiday, which had been suspended by the management of Maria Eugenia Vidal and in recent years it had had little effect amid the virtuality with which the public administration operated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Next Monday, then, will be a non-working day for Buenos Aires public employees and several communes decided to bow to the proposal and do the same with municipal workers in their districts.

The local authorities thus confirmed to that the employees of the Municipality will also be reached by the benefit and next Monday they will be able to have the day off. However, in the Commune they indicated that essential services such as those carried out by the Emergency Medical Care System (SAME) and the Operations and Monitoring Center (COM), among others; will continue to function normally.


After this XXL weekend for the Passage to the Immortality of General Martín Miguel de Güemes and the Day of the Flag, the Buenos Aires authorities confirmed the return of a long-awaited celebration in the public administration and Monday June 27 will be a holiday for all state workers.

The holiday, established in Law 26,876 in July 2013, reaches the workers of the national public administration and those of the provinces that adhere to it, so that during the years of the Together for Change government it had not had an effect. , but with the arrival of Axel Kicillo and his team, the celebration will once again have a provincial scope.

“June 27 is established as a day of rest for employees of the national public administration, in which tasks will not be provided, assimilating it to national holidays for all legal purposes,” says Article 2 of that norm. And in the third, the provinces are invited to adhere to the proposal, as the one from Buenos Aires already did.

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