The municipalities want to move Paludan’s election meetings here

In Norrköping, the new application is in the same place as last time, namely in Navestad by the artificial turf between Spelmansgatan and Ensjövägen.

Norrköping municipality has submitted its opinion on where the demonstration will be held. They would rather see it at the gravel field at the intersection of Navestadgatan and Spelmansgatan.

The municipality does not check the safety and is only interested in how the surface should be used.

– A gravel field is better suited than artificial grass for Koran burning, which is what this is about. All security aspects are the responsibility of the police, we should not comment on that, says Maria Egebäck, unit manager at the public works office.

In Linköping, Stram Kurs once again wanted to be centrally located in the center of Skäggetorp. The municipality thinks that there is too much traffic danger and instead wants the meeting to be held south of Skäggetorp. The green area between Nygårdsvägen, Grenadjärgatan and Bergsvägen is the place you have imagined.

The red cross is where the party wants to hold its demonstration. The white circle is where Linköping municipality prefers to see it. Photo: Google earth / SVT

In the end, it is the police who decide whether the application is approved or not. They can also decide to move the place. According to the municipality of Linköping, the police are expected to provide their answer after lunchtime on Friday.

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