The murder suspect is remanded in custody

It emerges from the recent ruling from Møre og Romsdal District Court. The man in his 20s is being held in custody for four weeks with a letter and visitation ban.

The first two weeks will be in complete isolation with a media ban.

This is in line with the plaintiff’s claim.

With regard to the police investigation, the district court decided that the entire ruling should be exempted from the public. The man in his mid-20s is charged with murder and grievous bodily harm.

He has not yet taken a position on the accusation, says his defender.

– He says that he can not take a position on the accusation now. This is a question we must return to during later interrogations, said the defender, lawyer Roy Peder Kulblik, on his way out of the prison meeting on Thursday afternoon.

Two crime scenes

It was night until Wednesday that the police moved out to two private addresses in Molde.

In one home they found a dead woman (24). In the other, they found, in addition to several witnesses, a teenager with life-threatening injuries and the man who is now charged in the case.

INVESTIGATIONS: The police forensic technicians have carried out extensive investigations at the crime scenes. Photo: Kristian Haug Hansen / TV 2

The accused, who sat in an initial interrogation on Thursday morning, denies criminal guilt and has via his defender conveyed that he does not remember anything from the night of the murder.

It is not yet known whether he will appeal the ruling to the Court of Appeal.

Was married

At the same time as the prison meeting in Møre og Romsdal District Court took place earlier this afternoon, police inspector Yngve Skovly held a press conference at the police station in Molde.

Here he stated that the police had confirmed the woman’s identity through an autopsy.

She has previously been married to the accused.

The police have also stated that there is a family relationship between the accused and the teenager who was transported to St. Olav’s hospital in Trondheim with life-threatening injuries. All those involved are of foreign origin.

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