The murderer of the kiosk is a member of the fearsome Bala Na Cara gang

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 | 5:00 a.m.

The most serious suspicions for the crime of Cristian Javier Díaz (31) in the Yohasá neighborhood were confirmed yesterday. One of the detainees is related to the Brazilian criminal gang Bala Na Cara, a native of Porto Alegre and with a strong presence in Misiones in recent years.

This is David Weslley from OS (19), with an important record for possession of drugs, illegal possession of weapons and assaults in the neighboring country, according to the information that the Misiones Police had and the official documents of his criminal record to the who had access to the Territory. The young man would be the one who fired the shots with a 9-millimeter pistol, that is, the perpetrator.

“He belongs to the Bala Na Cara faction” was the result of an informal exchange of information – the court must formulate a formal request – with the Brazilian authorities. In addition, among his background there is a complaint from his former partner in which he points out that the young man was hidden and threatened with death because he lost drugs.

This complaint is from October 2019, when the young man was a minor and lived with a girlfriend in the capital of Rio Grande Do Sul. Then his partner reported that they both had many arguments and that is why he decided to leave the house, but David Weslley told him she said she would not be able to take her son, who was six months old at the time.

Beyond these conflicts, the young woman denounced that the man now accused of homicide told her that it did not matter who she called to rescue her little one because the place where they were living was dominated by a criminal faction called “Anti-Bala” and that no one, not even the police could get there.

He added that David Weslley “belonged” to Bala Na Cara, but was threatened with death because he lost drugs from the organization. After that event, the young man was arrested at least twice more, once with a 38-caliber weapon – he was with an accomplice who had drugs – and again in 2021 with a gang that was apparently planning an assault. There were drugs, weapons and stolen items.

Last year the person involved also appeared in the sights of the Police of the neighboring country, but this time as an alleged victim. In December 2021, the young man arrived at a Porto Alegre hospital wounded by a bullet in one of his arms and told the investigators that they had wanted to assault him, although he tried to defend himself and the criminal did not take anything.

As this media reported yesterday, the alleged gang member and his accomplice Gabriel GDS (20) were arrested when they were going to the Bus Terminal, after taking a remís in a house in the Luis Piedrabuena neighborhood. What is believed is that both were about to return to Brazil, possibly through Santo Tomé, Corrientes, where they also entered.

According to what was reconstructed by the investigation of the Homicide Directorate of the Misiones Police, they had been in that house, located at the intersection of Montecarlo and Esteban Semilla streets, for days before. In a Duna – which was recorded by the security cameras at the time of the crime and seized by the Police in a raid – they left several times because they were about to “do a job.”

The accomplice and his video

What is believed is that both were hired as assassins to execute Díaz due to a settling of accounts linked to drug trafficking. In any case, some investigations believe that the companion of the alleged member of the feared gang only came to accompany him.

In this sense, Gabriel GDS has a history of qualified vehicle theft, and has no cause for drugs.

Regarding this young man, videos of him went viral yesterday in which he appears in a cell with a cell phone in his hand, dancing and smoking. In the audiovisual it is seen how he shares with several detainees who speak Spanish and, as confirmed by high-ranking sources consulted, it is the Sixth Posadas Police Station, where he was staying.

The relatives of Cristian Díaz were outraged by the viralization of these records, which were accompanied by some audios, and assure that “they are celebrating the murder” of the kiosk. “For us it is very painful to see how they celebrate the death of Cristian, I do not understand how there can be two cell phones. They can’t celebrate death like that,” they said.

In the audios, meanwhile, instigated by the other detainees, the foreigner expresses who are the people “who sent to kill” Díaz, repeating three names and assuring that “they are Argentines.”

The situation escalated to such a point yesterday that the authorities of the Misiones Police reported the leak to the Court of Instruction, which ordered a search in search of the devices and the transfer to a more secure unit of the person involved. The procedure was being carried out last night by the Infantry and at press time the seizure of at least one cell phone was confirmed.

The corresponding internal investigations will also be carried out to determine the responsibilities of the agency’s police personnel.

The fugitive and the drug

For the case, the Misiones Police investigators are still looking for a third person involved, who assisted the Brazilians with weapons – a 9-millimeter pistol -, accommodation and mobility.

This is the person who was allegedly driving the Fiat Duna in which the foreigners fled and which was seized in the Luis Piedrabuena neighborhood, the house where he lived.

As this media reported exclusively, in front of that two-story house in October of last year, the National Gendarmerie seized a load of 155 kilos of marijuana in a utility truck, although no arrests were reported.

It is believed that this vehicle belonged to the fugitive and Cristian’s death has to do with the loss of that cargo. The person involved was also related to Eike Conrad Dubal, an alleged drug trafficker with ventures in Posadas who was extradited to Brazil last year.

This medium consulted with different sources that investigated Eike, who did not confirm this information.

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