The mysterious absence that shook El Discípulo del Chef: triggered an unprecedented elimination

An unprecedented situation occurred in this Wednesday’s chapter of El Discípulo del Chef. This, after one of the participants, for the second consecutive week, was absent on the Program.

Just like that, because just as it had happened in the previous episode, Kathy Orellana again attracted the attention of all her classmates. Although at that time he was late after revealing that he had suffered a blow with his partner, this time he simply did not make it to the recordings.

Kathy Orellana

And as if that were not enough, he also did not warn the reason for his absence. For the same reason, after his team lost in the kitchen duels, Ennio Carota had to make a complex decision when choosing the new eliminated.

Ennio Carota’s call

Just like that, because after everyone pointed to the singer and told her that she should be the one to leave the program, the Italian chef gave her a new opportunity. He even called her on the phone to explain why he was not present at the competition with the rest of his teammates from the green team.

However, Orellana did not answer him. «We tried, we called her, she did not answer. The conclusion is quite simple for me. It is an elimination that was served to me on a tray. It would be unfair if one of you left. My eliminated today is Kathy Orellana. All of you have commitment and that is what is worth, “argued Carota when making his decision.

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