The National Rally presents 569 legislative candidates, including Marine Le Pen and her sister Marie-Caroline

The National Rally announced on Wednesday May 11 that it had invested 569 candidates in the legislative elections of June 12 and 19, including several personalities from the movement, including Marine Le Pen and her sister Marie-Caroline, but not its interim president Jordan Bardella.

Marine Le Pen, presidential finalist and MP for Pas-de-Calais, is standing in the 11th constituency of the department. His older sister Marie-Caroline Le Pen, who had returned to politics in the 2021 regional elections in Ile-de-France, where she was elected regional councilor, is running in the 6th constituency of Hauts-de-Seine. She will notably have as an adversary the former LR Constance Le Grip, who has joined the presidential coalition.

Darmanin’s presumption, Hollande’s petty calculations… Behind the scenes of the legislative elections

Marine Le Pen’s press officer, Caroline Parmentier, regional councilor in Ile-de-France, presents herself in the 9th district of Pas-de-Calais in Béthune. The deputies Bruno Bilde (12th from Pas-de-Calais) and Sébastien Chenu (19th from the North), two close to Marine Le Pen, are candidates for their own succession. As well as Nicolas Meizonnet (2nd from Gard), who took over from Gilbert Collard when the latter was elected MEP in 2019. Gilbert Collard has since joined Eric Zemmour.

Some figures ousted in the name of “renewal”

But the RN did not invest the former identity manager Philippe Vardon, because of his ” doubts “ on the candidacy of Marine Le Pen, in the 3rd constituency of the Alpes-Maritimes, where he supports Benoît Kandel, former deputy mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi.

The RN also supports in the Gard Pierre Meurin, a former supporter of Eric Zemmour, or the former LR Philippe Morenvillier in Meurthe-et-Moselle.

The Lepenist party also did not invest the deputy of Louis Aliot, elected in 2020 mayor of Perpignan, Catherine Pujol (2nd of the Pyrénées-Orientales), on behalf of the ” renewal “, preferring Anaïs Sabatini. Similarly, Thierry Frappé was preferred to Myriane Houplain, who had replaced Ludovic Pajot when he was elected mayor of Bruay-la-Buissière (Pas-de-Calais). Myriane Houplain now wants “prevent the RN from winning”.

No candidate against Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

Jordan Bardella mentioned a dozen parachute drops, including those, in Moselle, of spokesman Laurent Jacobelli and RN communications director Alexandre Loubet.

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The RN did not present a candidate against Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, former ally of Marine Le Pen in 2017, in Essonne, nor against Emmanuelle Ménard, outgoing deputy RN, in Hérault.

Zero deputy for Reconquest!, the party of Eric Zemmour, in the next legislative elections?

On the other hand, the youth manager at Éric Zemmour, Stanislas Rigault, approached by Jordan Bardella, will have an RN candidate facing him, Bénédicte Auzanot. The RN also presents a candidate, Roger Chudeau, ex-LR pro-Fillon, in the constituency of Guillaume Peltier, vice-president of Reconquest! (2nd in Loir-et-Cher). He also invested a candidate, Philippe Lottiaux, in the 4th district of the Var (Saint-Tropez), watched closely by Eric Zemmour, who hesitates to start.

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