The network noted the similarity of the hero of the 10th season of AHS with Alan Wake

Network users noticed on the likeness of the character of season 10 American Horror Story with Alan Wake from the game of the same name.

The new season of horror anthology is divided into two stories, the first of which tells about the writer Harry (Finn Witrock) moving with his wife and daughter to an isolated beach town.

Gradually, local residents begin to visit him, hinting at ways to get rid of the creative crisis that is poisoning his life. The methods work, but the hero himself begins to plunge into nightmarish events.

Some viewers drew parallels stories with “Shining” and other works of Stephen King, but for gamers the image of Harry reminded Alan, especially regarding external data… It remains only to take a themed flashlight.
By the way, as it was previously known, Remedy is already working hard on a sequel to Alan’s adventures.

First half of the season trailer

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