The new characters of "Fugitiva" that will change the course of history

fugitive” is the Turkish novel on screen that has achieved the highest rating since it was installed on Telefe’s screen. Even its last chapter reached almost 14 audience points, which led it to become the second most watched program on said channel , since “La Voz Argentina” still continues with the leadership.

The Turkish soap opera has come to enchant many viewers, for its fresh content that not only covers the love and complicity between Nefes and Tahir, the protagonists, but also “fugitive” It has also marked a before and after for exposing the gender violence that is currently being experienced. Likewise, this marked it as one of the most controversial in Turkey.

The constant nightmares with Vedat and Hazan’s actions will be the reasons why Nefes and Tahir will not be able to have the peace with which they dream so much.

The truth is “fugitive” is in a very exciting change, since Vedat’s death has cleared the way for Tahir and Nefes to finally build their love story, but some new characters will be included in this story to try to avoid it.

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