The new Disney Sandwiches for December 2021

The catalog was released late yesterday morning Preview 362 from which we learn all Disney Panini news from December 2021. Of note is the new volume of PK, I Giorni di PK and the reprint of PREGIUDIZIO by Stefano Turconi and Teresa Radice.

You can also retrieve the Panini Disney news announced for November 2021 thanks to our dedicated article.

Here are all the news, let’s find out together!

The new Disney Sandwiches for December 2021

13,9 × 18,6, B., 160 pp., Col. Euro 3.00

13,9 × 18,6, B., 160 pp., Col. Euro 3.00

13,9 × 18,6, B., 160 pp., Col. Euro 3.00

13,9 × 18,6, B., 160 pp., Col. Euro 3.00

13,9 × 18,6, B., 160 pp., Col. Euro 3.00

14 × 18,5, B., 160 pp., Col., Euro 7.90

14 × 18,5, B., 160 pp., Col., Euro 7.90

Authors: R. Gagnor / A. Sisti / V. Eaters
20.5 × 28, C., 48 pp., Col., Euro 9.90

After the dramatic battle in the Obsidian, Pikappa has only one chance to fix the time stream and save the universe from Tuiroon and his Decimators! But the Evronians return to the attack. The last, great battle between the masked duck, his allies and the entire Evronian empire. At stake there is not only the present, but above all the future!

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Authors: B. Enna, A. Perina
20,5 × 28, C., 112 pp., Col. • Euro 12.90

Disney Panini news from December 2021

The so-called “Italian cycle” after Leonardo da Paperdinci’s secret is enriched with a new volume dedicated to the figure of Raffaello Sanzio with the Uncle Scrooge saga and the Oltreblù stone, a journey in stages that winds through the most beautiful cities of Italian art – Urbino, Città di Castello, Florence, Rome – discovering a secret of the trade of the refined Renaissance painter, in the company of the Duck family. The screenwriter Bruno Enna and the designer Alessandro Perina, authors of the Italian trip to comics, reveal anecdotes, curiosities and fortunate historical coincidences.

Authors: T. Radice / S. Turconi
20 × 31,5, C., 120 pp., Col. • Euro 16.90

Disney Panini news from December 2021

The transposition of Jane Austen’s novel to comics is a wonderful example of how the literature of every era can be combined with contemporary comics. To make this magic possible is the skill of Teresa Radice and Stefano Turconi, very skilled in creating masterpieces with words and drawings. This reissue is embellished with an unpublished cover.

Authors: T. Radice / S. Turconi
20 × 31,5, C., 400 pp., Col. • Euro 50.70

Authors: T. Radice / S. Turconi
20 × 31,5, C., 120 pp., Col. • Euro 21.90

Finally brought together in a precious box set three fascinating adventures written by the couple Teresa Radice and Stefano Turconi, a screenwriter and a designer capable of combining literature, reconstruction of historical eras with great wealth of detail and rhythm of comic book narration: Ducks on the Road , Pride and Prejudice and Treasure Island. The volumes are embellished with sketches of the settings and studies of the characters. Also available is the version of the box set with single volume Orgoglio e Pregiudizio with an unpublished cover.

Autori: AA.VV
17 × 24, C., 136 pp., Col. • Euro 9.90

The collection of the noir adventures of Mickey detective set in Anderville, originally published since 1999, continues with the fourth issue. This volume contains Calypso (from MM # 6, May 2000), written by Francesco Artibani and drawn by Claudio Sciarrone, and Black Mask (from MM # 7, July 2000), with plot by Tito Faraci and Ezio Sisto, screenplay by Tito Faraci, drawings by Corrado Mastantuono.

Autori: AA.VV
14 × 18,6, B., 192 pp., Col., Euro 4.50

All our friends celebrate under the tree, but one of them hides an unspeakable secret! Will Santa Claus come for him too? For sure it will bring us emotions and laughter! Selection of stories and unpublished connection story by Alessandro Sisti, with unpublished cover by Stefano Zanchi.

Autori: AA.VV
17,8 × 24, B., 128 pp., Col. • Euro 4.90

Christmas around the “Torta Papera”, naturally cooked by Nonna Papera, in a story that sees the contemporary graphic participation of Luciano Bottaro, Guido Scala and Giuseppe Perego. To simulate the traditional Christmas feature film, the Seven Dwarfs and Snow White return in a rare festive sequel beautifully designed by Giovan Battista Carpi. Mickey Mouse, Josè Carioca, Pinocchio, the Sage Cricket and other characters introduce the end of year festivities. It’s up to cartoonist Walt Kelly this time to present a story in English (with translation to follow). By the young Scrooge, by the hand of Kari Korhonen, two new chapters of The McDuck Journals cycle: the Duckburg Years are proposed. Donald and Mickey, against Black Spot, while an unexpected new entry appears, which will accompany us for a few numbers: it is Della, Donald’s sister. Not to be missed!

Autori: AA.VV
14 × 18,6, B., 144 pp., Col. • Euro 4.90

The highlight of the fourth issue of Superheroes will be the arrival of the first part of the story The duck knight returns, by Ian Brill and James Silvani, which marks the return to the scene of Darkwing Duck after years of hiatus. The stories produced in Italy of Pippo’s alter ego continue with the short Superpippo and the dark chronicle and Superpippo tourist for chaos, both by Augusto Macchetti and Massimo De Vita. And, again, we will close the Tuba Mascherata trilogy, to which the beautiful cover by Donald Soffritti will be dedicated, with Paperinik and Archimede’s strike, written by Stefano Ambrosio and drawn by Valerio Held.

Autori: AA.VV
13,7 × 19,5, B., 192 pp., Col. • Euro 3.90

With this month’s volume, Paperinik inaugurates the new year with Paperinik and the crucial chronospatial New Year, an adventure in which our hero will have to deal with a super-technological enemy who travels in time, creating havoc in Duckburg. Following, Paperinik and the return of Mad Ducktor, a story of the duo Enna-Mastantuono who sees the return of the supervillain to the detriment of the reputation of the masked duck. To conclude, we move into the future with the twenty-eighth episode of the PK saga 9 seconds from the end: where, Pk and Lyla are forced to search for particular components in space and in the Robolab laboratories to save Uno, infected by a virus.

Autori: AA.VV
14,5 × 19,5, B., 144 pp., Col. • Euro 4.90

A super adventure with Le GM and the Paperiki enterprise, written by Nino Russo for the drawings of Luciano Milano, which retraces the crossing of the Kon-Tiki. Following, Le GM and the gift of youth, from the pen of Marco Bosco and the pencil of Sergio Cabella, and the classic Barksian revisited by Daan Jippes, Uncle Scrooge and the paperopolese disaster. And again, a classic from the ’70s: The GMs and the crisis of the Great Mogol, written by Jerry Siegel and designed by Giulio Chierchini. Finally, two unpublished stories and many articles and services dedicated to nature!

Author: AA. VV.
12,5 × 18,5, B., 416 pp., Col. • Euro 6.00

What’s going on in the Duckburg sky? This is asked by Zio Scrooge, in the beautiful Uncle Scrooge and the lightning kidnapper, a story that is the result of the collaboration of two highly experienced Masters, Rodolfo Cimino and Guido Scala. The story opens this month’s Big, available from December 20, along with five other “lightning and thunderbolt” themed adventures. Among the other themes that guide the selection of the stories, there is “the witch and the billionaire”, and “a duck, so much trouble”, dedicated to the incredible Donald Duck.

Author: AA. VV.
14,5 × 19.5, B., 240 pp., Col. • Euro 4.90

A snowfall of Christmas adventures characterizes this December issue, starting with the long episode of Guido Martina Topolino and the midnight sun, drawn by Sergio Asteriti. The main characters of Duckburg and Topolinia are put to the test by Santa Claus, who verifies their recent behavior, dispensing gifts or penances: here is Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and even Chip and Dale and Ezechiele, with Lupetto, in the drawings by a young Luciano Bottaro. Carl Barks in turn leads the Ducks near Tabu Yama, to spend an unexpected “volcanic” Christmas. Floyd Gottfredson and Manuel Gonzales take us to the world of Cinderella on a rare pre-Christmas adventure with the mice Giac and Gas and the Fairy Smemorina. Among the other authors in summary stand out Giorgio Cavazzano, Giuseppe Perego, Pier Carpi, Carlo Chendi, Massimo De Vita.

Autori: AA.VV
14 × 19,5, B., 192 pp., Col. • Euro 3.50

The countdown for the historic number 500 begins. Also in this month the monthly dedicated to Donald Duck returns with an unpublished story of opening, this time twenty-one tables written by Fabio Michelini, a fun adventure themed “New Year”, very suitable for the period. And then Donald returns and the truly author’s scam, in which someone takes inspiration from a book written by Donald Duck to carry out a daring robbery … in short, this month too much fun, all “made in Duckburg”.

Uncle Scrooge 42
Autori: AA.VV
14 × 19,5, B., 192 pp., Col. • Euro 3.50 (with Christmas 3D Euro 6.50)

On the occasion of her sixtieth anniversary, Amelia comes to disturb the magic of Christmas in this volume. In Scrooge & Amelia SpA (and something more) an unusual alliance will find a justification, while in Scrooge and the sorceress on the payroll, the Uncle seems to have finally found a way to defend the Number 1 from the assaults of the witch, but a nefarious surprise is around the corner. There is also space for celebrations in Uncle Scrooge on the run from Christmas, albeit in an unconventional way.

Author: AA. VV.
14 × 18,6, B., 144 pp., Col. • € 4.20

The mysterious principal and The final encounter-clash are the stories that conclude our journey in the company of Donald and his Space Recovery Team. But the adventures set in distant times and places continue with the second part of King Pàperon and the treasure of the 3 keys, Uncle Scrooge at the edge of the Universe and The Cowboys of space.

Author: AA. VV.
13,7 × 19,5, B., 288 pp., Col. • Euro 6.00

Big challenges are the 100% theme for this month, with “double” protagonists on each adventure. The Uncle Scrooge vs Rockerduck couple could certainly not be missing: the two millionaires have always competed for the title of “best”, and here readers will find them in Rockerduck and the sparkling overclassing ideona, written by Augusto Macchetti and drawn by Lara Molinari. This is followed by the long Indiana Pipps and the valley of the 7 suns, all the work of Maestro Massimo De Vita, a good example of the competition between Indiana Pipps and the unfair JKranz …

Autori: AA.VV
13,7 × 19,5, B., 288 pp., Col. • Euro 5.90

Let’s find out, together with Donald and his friends, how sports such as football and rugby were born in Uno sport for Paperista and Ciccio and the legend of the wooden fork. But there is also room for thrills of speed, embellished by the stroke of Giorgio Cavazzano, in Uncle Scrooge and the adventure in Formula 1.

Autori: AA.VV
14.5 x19.5, B. 192 pp., Col. • Euro 5.00

A classic and beloved theme is back, that of great travels and explorations in distant lands, with the long Uncle Scrooge and the eye of the mountain, fifty pages in two times written by Rodolfo Cimino and drawn by the skilful hand of Paolo Mottura. In the volume, the archaeologist of the mystery, a great friend of Mickey’s, with Indiana Pipps and the long adventure could not be missing. 65 ° lat. 8 °, first published in June 1999.

Autori: AA.VV
14 × 18,6, B., 192 pp., Col. • Euro 3.90

Adventures at low, very low temperatures in a perfect volume for winter, all dedicated to snow and mountains. The funny Nonna Papera and the portable farm is back, written by the “champion of humor” Riccardo Pesce, in which the whole farm is found miniaturized and under glass; and then the genius of Paperopolese will compete with a challenge that is unpublished for him, in Archimedes and the snowmen contest, in an adventure brought to the page by Roberta Migheli’s pencil.

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