The new facet of J Balvin with his son Río

Despite all the controversy that arose with Resident and his tirade, J Balvin He stays positive by sharing special moments with his son Rio, who came into the world just a few months ago.

A couple of months ago, he was involved in a dispute with Puerto Rican rapper René Pérez. The Puerto Rican began making some videos on social networks sharing his disagreement with the boycott that the Colombian had called against the “Grammys”. However, the situation progressively escalated until he launched session 49 with producer Bizarrap in which he sent several hints to J Balvin.

The interpreter of “Ay go” and “What else then” married in 2018 with the former Argentine beauty queen Valentina Ferrer. Although both are quite reserved in their personal lives, they like to share photos together on social networks. The singer has formed a beautiful family and does not let himself be knocked down by the comments he received.


José Osorio, the singer’s real name, does not share many publications with his son, but this time he shared a tender video. In it, they show the 37-year-old singer playing with the little boy, who was in his baby chair. They had a toy musical instrument in front of them and they both smiled as they made melodies.

Although we did not see Rio’s face, we can see how he dances to the music played by his father.

In the description of the video, the singer of “Mi Gente” wrote “OH MY GOD. my new facet”.

However, he deleted the publication this Saturday the 14th at night. The reasons are not yet known.

Screenshots of the video removed by the singer (Photo: J Balvin / Instagram)
Screenshots of the video removed by the singer (Photo: J Balvin / Instagram)


J Balvin has also shared other publications in which he appears with his son. One of them is a video in which they show their backs dancing to the rhythm of one of his songs. His followers died of tenderness when they saw Rio swinging on a carpet.

Previously, he had shared a photo that was taken of both of them sleeping very snuggled up. In this regard, the singer commented “Sleep at your side. My son and the best partner”.

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