The new scandal that surrounds the environment of Tini Stoessel

In recent months, the name of Tini Stoessel It hit all the media. It is that although she was already recognized for her talent and skill in music, since she began her relationship with the soccer player Rodrigo De Paul, she is news of her every day. However, in the last hours she was involved in a conflict.

It happens that Mariana Muzlera, mother of Tiny Stossel, She was reported by her father’s partner for alleged theft and fraud for $95,000. Although the singer has nothing to do with it, the conflict questions her closely.

Tini and her grandfather, Guillermo Muzlera.

According to Diario Popular, Tini Stoessel’s mother would have withdrawn, on May 19, 2021, the money from her father’s account, Guillermo Muzlera, which he shared with his wife, MarĂ­a Cristina Chaves.

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