The new sign of life from Queen Elizabeth – everyone sees the same thing

After 16 days of silence – finally a sign of life from Queen Elizabeth, 96.

After the commercial: Look – here is Queen Elizabeth’s new luxury purchase


The last time we saw her was on June 5.

Queen Elizabeth’s four-day throne anniversary was over and the view that met the world from the balcony of Buckingham Palace was honestly quite dull.

Queen Elizabeth on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the celebration of her 70th year on the throne

Throughout her life, she has put duty first and foremost. But here she was really tired.

Photo: Frank Augstein / TT

But now she’s back, and not a little cautious with one assignment – but with two! This time, however, from the tranquility of his private living room The Oak Room at Windsor Castle.

And there was one special thing that stood out when she received Margaret Beazley, Governor of New South Wales, earlier today:

Queen Elizabeth with New South Wales Governor Margaret Beazley

Windsor Castle today: Royal audience for one of Australia’s governors.

Photo: Andrew Matthews / TT

The stick on which she relied and did not survive but during the festivities in early June, was gone. Now she stood firmly on the red carpet in her well-worn patent leather shoes.

Swedish guest at Lilibet’s 1-year scale – private photo reveals!

Same thing when she received the Archbishop of Canterbury yesterday (because he missed her throne anniversary due to covid): Although the Queen was a little bent, she walked freely through the room. Definitely the happiest news of the day!

Queen Eilzabeth with the Archbishop of Canterbury

An elevation cushion in the favorite chair. But no stick!

Photo: TT

Queen Elizabeth’s summery style

We also got double up in floral dresses, of that lovely variety that is a bit of Queen Elizabeth’s signature.

Or what about these? Rose patterned both! One with clear blue roses on a sunny yellow background – and the other summery pink and white.

Queen Elizabeth’s summer dresses – royal style at a sky-high level!

Photo: TT.

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